The Chalice

The Chalice

The year is 1243 CR. The world of Aria has been torn apart by war for nearly two decades as the might of the Heldann Empire seeks to bring about a new age. As dark clouds gather and the Great War grinds on, two armies descend the slopes of a nameless valley.

Sir Duras Stonehammer, knight of the Doom Watch, and commander of the Dvarden 42nd leads his regiment into battle against the might of the Arranor 97th. Victory is far from assured for either side with both the honour of King, Country and Regiment at stake.

Two nations. Two armies. A battlefield. One ball.

Only one can be the victor.



The Chalice

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Both print and ebook editions contain a few pages of artwork detailing the flags mentioned in the story (the print versions are B&W to keep prices down). “The Chalice” is also available as a part of the Amazon Match Book service (meaning – if you buy the print edition you ‘should’ be able to grab the Kindle version for free).

Book Trailer

Music: “Do You Think I’m Saxon?” by Hans Zimmer | Touchstone Pictures from the King Arthur Movie Score

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