A Bump in the Night

A Bump in the Night

Being dead can be hard.

In the past, it was all rattling chains and white sheets. Now, it is all mortgages and unpaid bills.

Mr Snaggle and Mr Snuffle, Arbitrators for the Quick and the Dead, find themselves coming to the aid of an old friend, Mr Bump, formerly known as Mr Grym, Lurker-under-the-Bed-and-Frequenter-of-Wardrobes (or just Charon to his close friends).

Together, they must come up with a plan to prevent Mr Bump from fading. Of course, a cunning plan is never easy to come up with, but with the help of a few beers, a young girl, and an unfortunate victim, they might just pull it off… or will they?

Not everything that goes bump in the night is the stuff of nightmare… sometimes, the dead have nightmares themselves!


A Bump in the Night

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Book Trailer

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