Although originally from England, Crispian Thurlborn has spent close to half of his life living and travelling overseas. He has worked in a number of jobs over the years starting out from humble paperboy before working market stalls and craft fairs. He has flipped burgers, spun pizzas, and pulled pints. He has worked building sites as an electrician and has taught English to children and adults, from mechanics and cardiologists to stewardesses and race queens. He’s painted houses, dug septic tanks, and landscaped gardens.

His first publication, “The Chalice”, is a short story that was originally written back in 2006 to coincide with the World Cup. Billed as “Fantasy meets Football”, the story appeals to anyone who enjoys dwarves, battles, and the beautiful game.
Crispian Thurlborn

When not at home, much of his writing is usually done on the subway, in coffee shops, in stairwells, on mountainsides, etc. As a result, he has developed an aptitude for ‘writing within the storm’. He finds it relaxing to write whilst listening to loud music via headphones amidst the tempest of noise that so often fills the places he writes in. Perhaps only because it seals him away from the world despite the chaos of it struggling to get in.

He is currently working on a new novel, “Glade”, whilst wardrobing somewhere in Japan.