Cinder – cover reveal

As promised, here’s the cover for Cinder. If you haven’t read the preview yet, then you can do so here.

CINDER | Cover Reveal

Cinder – haunting stores from October 27th…

I had two ideas for the cover. I went with this one. The other was a moth that spread across the front and back covers. Quite nice, but it would be lost in the digital editions. Despite that, this was always my first choice.

It was also the quickest cover I’ve made. From design to finish it only took two days. That included the ‘step-away’. I always leave something for a day or night and then return to it with fresh eyes and a different perspective.

The model is a friend of mine who agreed to send me a photo one evening after work. I messed about with it in Photoshop a little to get what I specifically had in mind. It turned out well. Cheers, Julia!

Does the cover reveal anything about the story?

No, not really… although… yes, it does.

CINDER is available at Amazon, iBooksKobo, and Barnes & Noble

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