Autumnal Shadows

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Dear Diary,

I dug deep with the knife, tore out their innards, and carved strange symbols upon their skin… I will cook and eat the guts later.

Pumpkins and shadows… my favourite! These pumpkins were given to me by someone from the village (to eat). I didn’t think I’d have time to carve them this year, but I managed it somehow. Fortunately, one of them was quite small.

Today, the villagers have gathered the flowers that they grew during the year to lay them upon the graves of their friends and family. I saw someone stood next to a collection of rocks down in the rambla… there is a simple iron cross set there. One of them fell from their donkey many years back and died in the fall. The flowers will eventually fade… as will all memory of this place.

Here are some pictures from last year…


8 thoughts on “Autumnal Shadows

  1. Holy Smokes! All I can say is if you don’t make it as a writer, you can always become a professional pumpkin carver. Those are truly fantastic, awesome, and wonderful! I’m envious! :) I probably would have just eaten them, with lots of custard. :)

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  2. Absolutely stunning, Crispian. I love the patterns and the soft glow they make. I bought a pumpkin this year for the English school, and wanted to carve a whole bunch, but sadly the only one they had that was carving-worthy was $50! I could only get the one. Hopefully next Halloween, in Canada, I can go crazy and carve like ten of them. :) It’s one of my favorite activities.

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    1. Cheers, Alex! I love carving pumpkins, too. When I was teaching, I was usually given a clear schedule the day before we had the school ‘Halloween Day’ so I could carve the pumpkins for the classrooms. Great way to avoid actual teaching! ;)

      I used to show the younger kids how to carve pumpkins by using oranges. They would cut the pumpkin faces out and carry the oranges around (then eat them). Good fun.

      I do remember it being hard to find decent pumpkins in Japan, though. I was fortunate that the schooI I managed there also had a bar licence. Long story short, I was able to get a membership at the Costco in Fukuoka and get some decent pumpkins for quite cheap. If you have friends in Kyoto that own a restaurant or bar, they might have a membership at the Costco there. They can pick some up for you at discount and you can carve a little lantern… that missed Halloween :)

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