13 Vampires (a movie list of ‘taste’)

It’s that wonderful time of year again!

Grim mornings followed by bleak days that turn into even darker evenings. The year begins to retreat leaving only the shrivelled husks of its former youth. The veil grows thin and memories once faded come back…

There is simply no better time to embrace the lengthening shadows and watch a horror movie! What I am going to do is put up three separate posts listing 13 of my favourite ‘horror’ films on the build up to Halloween. The first will be vampire flicks, the second ghosts, and the third will be a mix of beasties and the like.

It wasn’t easy narrowing them down to 13, but even so, this is not meant to be a ‘Top 10 of the Best Movies’ kind of list. These are just some of the genre films that I particularly like for various reasons. They are not listed in order of preference (although “Near Dark” is pretty close a number one if ever there was one). This is not a challenge, by the way, although all of these films have influenced me on some level. If you want to make your own list of flicks then please go ahead and do so. Just throw a link in the comments section at the end of this post and I’ll have look.

Now, rather than give you a cover or photo I’ve included the trailers. For those of you counting, you’ll notice that I’ve added two videos for #4. This is just because I enjoyed both versions. The Swedish original was great and matched the book very well. However, the Hammer adaptation was also good enough for me… and since it is the ‘same’ story I’ve combined both.

Finally, those of you that prefer your vampires to sparkle… turn back now! You are already damned. For all the rest… sit back, grab a ‘pint’ or two, and sink your teeth into these! (I know… that sucked)…


I’ll get my coat…

Near Dark

“I hate ’em when they ain’t been shaved.”


“My mother did three things for me. One, she spared my life the day that I was born. Two, she paid for my upkeep on her knees and on her back. And three, she gave me the story I can never tell.”

Only Lover’s Left Alive

“I just feel like all the sand is at the bottom of the hour glass or something.”

Let Me In/Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

“Twelve years, eight months and nine days. What do you mean, ‘more or less’?”

Subspecies II: Bloodstone

“Forgive me brother! But the bloodstone is MINE!”

Interview with the Vampire

“Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.”

Shadow of the Vampire

“Why him, you monster? Why not the… script girl?” — “Oh. The script girl. I’ll eat her later.”

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

“—–nom nom nom—-“

Lost Boys

“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”

Dracula: Prince of Darkness

“There’ll be no morning for us.”

Nosferatu the Vampyre

“The absence of love is the most abject pain.”

Salem’s Lot

“The house was a monument to evil sitting there all these years holding the essence of evil in its smoldering bones.”

Thirst (박쥐)

“I don’t kill anyone, you know. Hoy-sung… He loved helping the hungry…”



13 thoughts on “13 Vampires (a movie list of ‘taste’)

  1. I haven’t heard of most of these, but I was so happy to see that Lost Boys made the list. Such a classic!!

    What about The Hunger? That was a good one too, if I remember correctly. :D

    I’m impressed by your movie knowledge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Lost Boys” is a fangtastic film! So many great memories from that flick :)

      “The Hunger”… David Bowie… yep, a great film too. In fact, it was on the list to begin with and I only dropped it in favour of “Lost Boys” simply because I wanted something in there with a ‘lighter’ feel. Loved that film though. Another one that I toyed with was “Lifeforce”… which is a great film about ‘space’ vampires coming to Earth. It sounds bad, but it’s really not.

      If you haven’t seen some of these then I would do so… especially “Near Dark”, “Byzantium”, and “Only Lover’s Left Alive”.

      Here’s the trailer for “The Hunger”


    1. Cheers, Jenny!

      Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Winter a close second, but this is the season that makes me feel alive. Perhaps because everything around us is dying… like the world is desperate to remind us of something we’ve forgotten.

      So, is that ‘interesting’ in interesting or ‘interesting’ in…. ahem! ;)


  2. A good little list that. I haven’t seen a couple of then and look forward to tracking them down. If you haven’t seen it already you really should check out “Livide”. Here’s the trailer. It doesn’t do the film justice but it’s a good teaser:-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent clip, mate! I’ve seen “Inside” (À l’intérieur) and if this is anything close to that then it will be quite the film. I’m going to look for this at the weekend.

      There are some good European films out there that have quite a ‘bite’ when it comes to vampires.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I was waiting for that one ;) Of course, Bela Lugosi’s 1931 film was a classic, but I already had some oldies in my 13. Besides, I knew someone else doing a vampire list would probably pick him… still, just for you, here’s the trailer:


  3. Really Enjoying These Lists! The 1931 Dracula is of course a classic….but check out the Spanish Version that was filmed immediately after filming ended on the English one. They used all the same locations, sets, costumes, etc…but with a Spanish speaking cast…quite a different take….and I’d say much better camera work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! “Drácula” – the Spanish Version… much better camera work I agree, but desperately missing the performance (and eyes) of Lugosi. There was the suggestion that the Spanish version was closer in keeping with the English one before it was edited. The film certainly benefits from the 20 or so extra minutes.

      For those that have never heard of a Spanish version… here’s a clip:


    1. Cheers, Sarah. Murnau’s work certainly started the ball rolling with regards film adaptations. He is briefly referenced in “Interview with the Vampire” during a scene where Louis is watching “Sunrise” at a cinema.

      Considering your dieselpunk inclinations, you would probably enjoy “Shadow of the Vampire” since it is largely set around the period you enjoy the most :)

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