Lost amidst the forests of the mind…

…where I sit and dream and write.

For those wondering what is happening with “Glade”, I should mention that I have started work on the last few parts. In saying that, it is still quite some way from being released. There are parts that I need to rethink.

I’m also currently at work on a short story/novella that I hoping to release for Halloween… or perhaps just after. I’ll mention more about it in a future post (as I am in the final stages of editing said work). Ultimately, this has led me to step away from “Glade” for the past month or so. I did so willingly, as I felt the need to change my thought process and knew that I would return to finishing it with ‘new eyes’. I’m sure, in the long run, it will be beneficial.

So, in the meantime, here is another tattered fragment of a novel in progress…

‘Rest unharm’d, Dreamer O’ Dreams,

Amidst summer fyres and wynter frosts;

For tho’ lyfe dark oft’n tymes seems,

Hope shall ne’er be lost.’

– an excerpt from the forthcoming novel “Glade”, by Crispian Thurlborn


4 thoughts on “Lost amidst the forests of the mind…

    1. Cheers, mate!

      Yeah, it seems there’s been a few issues of late. The last couple of posts did not get delivered to the various outlets as they should have done e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc. For some reason, this post kept displaying a temporary image that I had in place instead of the actual one (that you should be able to see above – it’s green).

      I think I’ve got things sorted now…


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