How to be creative. Tip of the week Number 2


how to be Creativityhow to be Creativity. DIY- Smal magical Creativity cards

DIY- Smal magical Creativity cards

CREATIVITY TIP OF THE WEEK – Give your Creativity an Art Energy Snack.

 Imagine kneeling beside a mountain stream and cuping your hands to drink the fresh, cold, clear water, standing under a waterfall or plunging into a pool or lake. Any one of these will make you feel wonderful. My favourite is the fresh, cold, mountain, spring water. It invigorates me, clears my head, and gives me energy to continue my hiking, to climb further up the mountain.

But getting to that cool, clear stream is not easy. It can take a long time of putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. It is tiring and it absorbs my energy, and after a long time walking, I can feel I am not making any progress at all.

Art and creativity can be like a hike. You can feel that you are always…

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2 thoughts on “How to be creative. Tip of the week Number 2

  1. That’s actually a great idea. I’ve been meaning to get a little moleskin diary to fill out at least one page a day with either plot ideas or sketches, but never got around to it. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. One of the many things I enjoyed about living in North East Asia was the vast number of stationery and art supply stores! Unfortunately, moving around as I do, my notepads became a tad cumbersome. I tried using a digital notepad, but it just wasn’t the same.

      Now I’m back to filling scraps of dog-eared paper, frantically torn from whatever is close to hand, with plot ideas and scenes…

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