I know. Easter was a few weeks back.

At the time, I was too busy to post the images and so I’ve had to wait until now. Basically, these are painted, hard-boiled, eggs that I made for an egg hunt in the hamlet near where I am. I had to do them at the last minute and found myself somewhat pressed for time. Therefore, I repeated the same design I did from a few years back (for a friend’s 30th birthday raffle). Since the eggs were not for display, it made more sense to go with a simple design rather than something more elaborate.

I took sixty brown eggs, hard-boiled them, and then sprayed each group of ten different colours. While they were drying I sliced some electrical tape into strips of slightly varied thickness. Once dry, I applied the tape to the coloured eggs and then sprayed them all white. I gave them two layers.

Once dry, I simply peeled the electrical tape off and, voila, I had painted eggs. Numbering them took the longest time. I sprayed a black spot onto the base of each egg (using a round hole I cut into cardboard as a template) and then hand-painted the numbers with white acrylic paint.

Having done the same design before it took me a few hours less this time around. All in, due to drying times, it took me around fourteen hours. The end result was worth it and since the eggs were not ‘blown’ they could be eaten afterwards.

Patterns - 2

Patterns - 1

Patterns - 3

Patterns - 4


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