Books Old and New

Over the past few weeks I haven’t touched Glade. As some of you know, I was in the process of sorting, packing and discovering past treasures lost, aka. moving house. I have, however, reviewed scenes I had in mind, but until earlier today hadn’t put pen to paper or typed a single letter.

As always seems happen with the best laid plans, a few gears have come loose that will delay me in this endeavour. I find myself in two minds. One half is frustrated and disappointed with the turn of events. The other half couldn’t give a damn what its twin might think – it only cares that I am now free to continue writing.

As mentioned, I have resumed work on Glade. While I still have other time-consuming activities to consider, I can at least focus 80% of my attention upon my work in progress.

Sadly, I will not achieve my intended deadline of March. I will have to move that on a little and aim for a mid-April release at best. I also need to consider artwork for my cover. I have several ideas in mind, but have not the time to devote to them at this moment. Hopefully, that will not delay the release any longer.

It is highly unlikely that I will go the route of hiring an artist or designer. I find some of the fees quoted to be quite obscene. Therefore, unless there is an extraordinarily generous artist reading this that is willing to create something merely for credit/acknowledgment or at an extremely low cost then I will create something myself.

Other than killing boxes in imaginative ways whilst busily stuffing them with assorted junk, I have rediscovered a few old books that I had thought lost. I have included a few photos of them here.

While all are of interest to me, I find myself particularly drawn to Amabel Williams-Ellis’s relating of “Fairies and Enchanters: A New Book of Old English Stories”. This has been one of my go to books whilst writing Glade. If you can get a copy then I recommend doing so.

I’ve had the book since I was very young. I picked it up at a Red Cross jumble sale I was taken to for Christmas. I can’t remember how old I was, but at the time I just used to look at the pictures. Of particular interest is the little ‘imp’ on the cover. It is in fact ‘Rumplestiltskin’ or rather the version as originally told in England. The story is called “Tom Tit Tot”. I like both versions (and some of the variations found in other languages), but I am particularly fond of this retelling.

I love old books and I love old bookshops. I could spend days wandering about them, getting high on the scent of old covers…

"Tales From Welsh Wales"

"Tales From Welsh Wales"

"Tales From Welsh Wales"

"Tales From Welsh Wales"

"3 Books"

"3 Books"

"3 Books"

"3 Books"

"Fairies and Enchanters"

"Fairies and Enchanters"


2 thoughts on “Books Old and New

  1. Oh, I love these photos :-)
    I love old books myself, if I have the possibility to buy a new edition of a book or an older (or even – gasp!) the first edition of the same book, I will always buy the second.

    As for the rest, I know what you’re saying. You can’t even imagine how many times I moved forward the date for the complection of the first novel in my trilogy. Last time I think I delayed it of one year… Eh… I Always think I’ll be faster than I actually am.
    But in the end, I think the main thing is doing the best possible job, so… it is frustrating, butI think it’s always the best thing to do.

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  2. Exactly! I always go for the older book, even if the cover is missing. Ha! You’re lucky to be working in a bookshop! I’ve always enjoyed those small, pokey, shops that are stuffed with old forgotten books. I hope someday that my own book will become old and forgotten and end up in such a place. It would be a fitting ‘graveyard’ waiting for some ‘archaeologist’ to stop by and rediscover it ;)

    It’s one of the regrets I have from having spent my life wandering around. I’ve always had to sell books off or give them to good homes because they weigh so much! When the Kindle came out it was great, but I have always said to myself that if I ever managed to find my way into wealth I would buy all the books back that I have surrendered over the years.


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