Book Trailer – The Chalice

Here’s the book trailer for “The Chalice”.

I freely admit that I didn’t spend too long on it and would have liked to have done a few things differently if I’d had more time (and more processing power). All things considered, it fits the concept I had in mind.

Feel free to comment, distribute, pull apart, but most of all… enjoy!

Music: “Do You Think I’m Saxon?” by Hans Zimmer | Touchstone Pictures from the King Arthur Movie Score


3 thoughts on “Book Trailer – The Chalice

  1. Hey, this is really nice :-)
    Considering how difficult it is to put together a trailer that doesn’t infringe any copyright, I think you did a very good job with scant material. But then, the strenght of the trailer is in the twist at the end, so that’s definitely your merit.

    Very nice :-)


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