The Chalice – Wallpapers

In between the mulled wine, mince pies, and the odd dram of whisky, I’ve been messing about in Photoshop with the cover from “The Chalice”. What I have here are a few wallpapers that you can use with your desktop computers, iPhone, and iPad. They are all free so go ahead and download them if you want.

On a down note, the past couple of weeks have disturbed my progress with “Glade”. My writing has dwindled considerably and writing at this time of year is always hard for me simply because of the family commitments that inevitably come up when Christmas arrives. Add New Year to the list and it becomes near impossible to get anything done.

Fortunately, the festivities are almost over and that means I can pick up where I left off. I’m optimistic about meeting my deadline for “Glade”, but finishing up is always the hardest part and I’ve no doubt that I’ll run over by a week or two.

To be honest, I’ve never really been all that interested in New Year. For me, it has always felt more appropriate for Halloween to celebrate the ending of the year (as the ancient Celts did for their ‘calendar year’). The feeling in the air heralding the change of seasons is never more noticeable than those first few days of autumn. Everything begins to wither and die or slowly enters the big sleep in preparation for the winter months ahead. This natural ending has always been more appealing to me than the New Year we celebrate with fireworks on December 31st.

In saying that, I always enjoy a drink or two with friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Then again, I always enjoy a drink with friends and family…

Happy New Year!

The Chalice 1280x1024
The Chalice 1280×1024
The Chalice 1366x768
The Chalice 1366×768
The Chalice 1376x768
The Chalice 1376×768
The Chalice 1600x1200
The Chalice 1600×1200
The Chalice 1920x1080
The Chalice 1920×1080
The Chalice 1920x1200
The Chalice 1920×1200
iPad Lock Screen
iPad Lock Screen
iPad Home Screen
iPad Home Screen
iPhone Lock Screen
iPhone Lock Screen
iPhone Home Screen
iPhone Home Screen
iPhone Wallpaper
– iPhone lock screen demo – 
iPad Wallpaper
– iPad lock screen demo –



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