Once They All Believed In Dragons

Here is a poem that was written by Jack Prelutsky. It’s not mine, but I really like this one.



Once they all believed in dragons

When the world was fresh and young,

We were woven into legends,

Tales were told and songs were sung,

We were treated with obeisance,

We were honored, we were feared,

Then one day they stopped believing-

On that day, we disappeared.

Now they say our time is over,

Now they say we’ve lived our last,

Now we’re treated with derision

Where we once ruled unsurpassed.

We must make them all remember,

In some way we must reveal

That our spirit lives forever-

We are dragons! We are real!

– Jack Prelutsky, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight (1993)


One thought on “Once They All Believed In Dragons

  1. Hey Cris! Don’t know if you still check this website…. Hope you are well. It’s been too long. I’d love to hear how Japan has been compared with Korea. Take Care, Rod


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