The Game

It’s been a busy summer all in all.

Spain, Korea, China… back to Korea again. In between all of the travelling I’ve been working (to pay for it all) and becoming involved in something altogether unexpected. The one thing that hasn’t happened, however, is getting anywhere with publishing my novel.

As of this writing, all attempts have thus far met with refusals. I have just had another submission sent out to a literary agent based in the UK and so, once again, I roll the dice, sit back, and wait to see what happens next. Will I land on a ladder, or is it that humungous snake that lets you slide on back to the beginning once more?

At present, my novel (along with a few short stories) are being translated into Chinese where I understand there is a strong market for fiction, especially fantasy. I may decide to take a rather unorthodox route to publication and see if I can get my novel done there first before actually reaching print in the language it was originally written in. Odd, I know, but one must do what one must in order to realise one’s dreams…

Also, I have recently decided to post the first chapter of my novel, “Throne of Ice”, here for people to download and read. I hope that, in doing so, I may be able to generate some attention along with some comments, be they positive or negative. Keep checking the blog over the weekend.



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