The Literary Agent

It has been a while since I added anything to the blog. The reason being, quite simply, that there is nothing new to tell. I have since sent the first three chapters of my manuscript to a literary agent in the UK and currently await a response from them. At present there are around 43 more days remaining before that potential avenue becomes a dead-end, at which point the search for publication shall begin anew.

Of course, nothing has yet been returned via the s.a.s.e that was included which could mean that it is still being considered. Of course, that is the optimistic view. The other possibilities being that it has been lost or that they just haven’t started reading it as of yet. Perhaps it was never even opened. Hopefully, that hasn’t been the case.

What have I been doing in the past month or so? Well, not all that much really. I have mostly been continuing to edit my way through my old short stories, some of which are a good 8-10 years old now. One in particular, entitled “Bump in the Night”, really has caught my interest. It is really quite enjoyable to read even if I do say so myself! I am toying with the idea of possibly adding to it in order to make it into a full-length novel (around 50,000 words or so – at present it is only around 10,000 in length). The story itself revolves around three ghosts, one of which feels out of place in this modern world in which we live and is slowly fading away into oblivion.

I have written a new short story as well, entitled “Black Rain”. It is a twisted and peculiar tale; quite a dark one too! I certainly will not be posting any excerpts here! Needless to say, I am not the character in the book (I never am), nor do I engage in any of the acts/interests within the story. They are simply things that I’ve picked up as I’ve gone through life from some of the people around me and from afar, all of which are then thrown into the mix with a spoonful of imagination. Some people still get the wrong idea however… <sigh>

The short story that I wrote last Christmas, “How to Cook Rainbow Fish”, was recently used by the friend I had written it for in an arts project at university. The story was adapted and altered to fit a film short that she used for a class presentation. She played all the characters in the story, barring a short appearance by myself. It certainly isn’t going to get nominated for anything (it was a silent film too) but it was nice that she chose to use it in such a way (even if parts of it were changed). I am thinking of posting the original story on the blog at some point for others to have a read of. It is very short indeed and was written specifically with someone in mind so it might seem a little odd for other readers. Still, feel free to criticise away when it’s up!

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully in the days and weeks to follow I will be able to add something of more interest to anyone out there that might still pass by these pages from time to time. Perhaps it will be news of that book deal that I so long for…



4 thoughts on “The Literary Agent

  1. It’s so hard to send manuscripts out there into the ether—and then wait and wait for a response, that frankly, often doesn’t come. I’ve found greater success with a number of agents and editors that do their exchanges by email– much more likely to get a response back within a week and not waste time holding.

    Best wishes!



  2. Good luck finding a literary agent willing to take on new clients AND who has four working neurons. I gave up my search and am determined to use the new technologies available to authors to bypass the gate-keepers of literature (agents and editors), going directly to my readers.

    So far, things are working out nicely. Tens of thousands of hits on my site in the past year or so and hundreds of folks around the world downloading and reading my supernatural mystery SO DARK THE NIGHT. My site has become my exclusive publishing venue and after over 20 years of busting my balls, trying to get my foot in the door, I’ve finally found my niche…and I’m loving it.

    Podcasting is next…


  3. It looks as if you and I have a little in common. First, I read that you are living in the R.O.K. I lived there for several years myself and even managed to pick up a wonderful bride twenty years ago.

    I’ve just finished my first novel (a 150k word fantasy) and I’m shopping it around as of three weeks ago.

    Anyway. It’s nice to meet people with like interests. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll be reading your blog if you don’t mind. Heck, I might even link to you to make the trips easier. :)


  4. Cheers for the comments! I’ve been gone on vacation for a time and only just got back to check the blog. It’s nice to know that there are people out there that read some of the things that I post.

    I recently received my second rejection so far, this one being from an agent. Still, you’ve just got to accept that and move on to the next. I’ certainly not going to take the vanity publishing route since, to me, that signals defeat.

    I recently came across DAW, a subdivision of Penguin Books, that deal with fantasy novels. I need to look into it some more first though.

    Good luck with your own pursuit for print and hopefully we’ll both make it in the end! I’ll be sure to link to your own blog in the meantime.



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