A New Project

Still nothing regarding my submission to MacMillan. Of course, there is still a long way to go yet and in all honesty it may very well end up without any response at all. What that might suggest could be anything and so it is not even worth dwelling upon. I think, however, that if nothing comes of this first attempt I may return to my original plan of finding an agent. That could prove better in the long run.

No real plans for Christmas this year. In fact, it seems likely to be a rather lonely and boring one at best. Last Christmas wasn’t much better. I have done a little bit of editing here and there but I have recently stumbled upon a new project that is going to keep me occupied for the next month or so. In which case I will take a break from editing and writing until such time as said project has been completed.

The project itself came somewhat out of the blue in conjunction with my decision to move apartment. Me and a friend (whose artwork I previously promoted within these pages) have decided to build our own gallery/workspace which we will then open to the public, perhaps in some form of ‘bar’ too. I must admit, the project has me very excited indeed since it will prove an adequate challenge and perhaps conjure up a whole host of fresh ideas for stories in the process. While I will do the majority of the manual labour (albeit helped whenever possible by my friend), the artwork/decoration shall fall upon her shoulders. We have talked about working on a project for sometime now and while this wasn’t what we had in mind then it is peculiar how fate can take a hand in things.

I will not record the details of the “1212” project within these pages since this is solely for my writing. However, I shall create a new blog/record of what we are doing at our new place so that anyone wishing to see how we built may do so. Indeed, if you happen to live in the Busan area then feel free to drop on by once we have it completed!



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