The End of a Novel

It’s been a tough few weeks… months… all in all. Despite this I have managed to keep focused upon my writing. Much of this has been largely do to a positive influence that recently entered into my life. I am both fortunate and thankful of that friendship. It saw me through to the end.

Yes, that is correct. The end. I have finished my book.

I have not been writing much upon these pages of late simply because I have not spared myself the time to do so. I have completed the editing process (well, the second draft anyway) and I happy with what I have now. Of course, it will likely see modifications before it goes to print (whenever and if ever that happens) but for now, that is it.

I finished the book on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007, sometime just before six o’clock in the evening. I was sat upon the third floor of Starbucks in Gwangan, Busan. The book, still roughly entitled, “Throne of Ice“, comprises some thirty-four chapters spread over five hundred and ninety three pages (179,262 words). This is the first book of what will be a trilogy.

I have already written a large part of the second book, perhaps some twelve to fifteen chapters in all, including the ending. The third book remains in synopsis. Hopefully, this will stand me in good stead for seeking out a literary agent or publisher. That is certainly the point at which I now find myself and which this blog will now focus upon. The search for the holy-grail of print!

Copyright © Crispian Thurlborn 2006 - 2014Primarily, I will be looking to be taken on by an agent as this seems to make much more sense considering my lack of experience in the industry and the inconvenient location where I presently reside. Therefore, in the upcoming weeks, months, years I shall be hopefully getting closer to publishing my work.

I have to say though, I feel a little empty now that I have finished the book. Six years of sitting in coffee shops, stairwells, subways, bars scratching the words to the story had consumed much of my free time in many ways. Now I have this… void. A friend of mine suggested that it maybe because the actual story remains unfinished. I hadn’t thought of that. The more I do, however, the more it starts to make sense. I have only finished the first book in a larger story and so the feeling remains ultimately very different from what I have felt before when completing my short stories.

That is an aspect that I am looking forward to getting back to now that my book is finished. I have a collection of ideas for some short stories that I want to write and now have the freedom to do so. First, however, I shall need to edit the ones that I have already finished! Ha! Still, that is not going to take too long. It will also be a nice change of pace to write some things other than pure fantasy as well! There is also the possibility of working with someone on a future project. They, as I have already said, have already helped me in getting on and finishing my book and so it would be a great pleasure to work with them on something. They really are a fantastic artist, true talent that comes from the heart and which cannot be learned. I don’t just say that either! During my time in looking for people who are good at art (and I know a fair few who are very good indeed), this is first time that I can truly say that I was left open-mouthed with awe at what they are capable of doing. It seems almost criminal that they do not have anything out there in the public. They really should and I have no doubts that one day they shall.

So, what am I doing now?

Well, I am actually editing a short story I once wrote entitled, “The Painting“. I tried to write it in a similar style to that used by Edgar Allan Poe. In some ways, the story has a similar theme to that of Oscar Wilde’s, “The Picture of Dorian Gray“(1890), but it is not identical. Anyway, that is what I am doing at present. I’ll probably get that done tonight and then edit another short story (another tale of terror). In fact, I have enough of the scary tales to put together into a short book I suppose. I recently finished editing an earlier story (“Strands of Silver“) that is basically a tale of love between a spider and a ladybird.

Of course, while I am doing this I am looking for an agent too. I could get started on the second book I suppose, but I feel that I need to take a short break from that. I would also like to get some feedback/progress on the first book before I take up the quill and carry that story on.

I will, of course, keep you updated on any progress that I make along with news of any short stories I write in the meantime.



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