Autumn Masks

Copyright © Crispian Thurlborn 2006 - 2014Here are a couple of masks that I made recently. I used a different clay from that which I have used in the past. This one is a wonderful orange in colour and very nice to use. No lumps and easy to shape. It sets at room temperature just like the others. I made them one lunch time while I had nothing much to do at work. When they were finished I used a pin-vice drill to make the holes.

The base colour was done with a matt-black spray primer. After a day or so, I gave them a brief wash of watered down black acrylic (I use Vallejo paints). The finishing touches were made by gradually dry-brushing the masks to get the effect you see in the pictures.

I sealed them with a gloss lacquer and then added the rope attachments so that they can be affixed to a bag, mobile phone, or whatever.

Copyright © Crispian Thurlborn 2006 - 2014


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