Aurora Musis Amica

I am on vacation this week… nine whole days (including the weekends) where I can get on with editing the second draft of my book. I have been vigourous in my application, starting early each day and forgoing lunch so that I might get through as much as possible in the days gifted to me. Dawn is my friend in this endeavour it seems for I have been furiously productive. I have made a great many corrections and updates as I burn through the early chapters. At present, I am about halfway through.

In all honesty, if I was not working and could maintain the level of productivity that currently courses through me, then I could actually give a final completion date. In such a situation it would be twenty five days. Of course, when my vacation ends I shall have to return to work and so my muse shall sit at home and wait (probably playing Space Hulk or Talisman) until I return to pick up the quill once more. I can therefore not provide a true date as to when I will be finished… it may be in two months time… it may be three. It will not be more than four. Every day is closer than ever before and every sunrise brings with it renewed conviction and determination.

I finished editing one of the early chapters a few days ago that dealt with Sir Duras and his wife. While this will sound extremely egotistical, I was quite astounded by what I read! What I mean by that is, I started to doubt that I had actually managed to write such a piece… it sent a shiver down my spine to reread it once more. Perhaps it was just because the pace was different from the other parts I had been dealing with of late, or maybe it is because I know what fate has in store for them both… either way I enjoyed it… and I hope that one day you will too.

Thank you.


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