In search of Albion

I have very nearly completed the reworking of five additional chapters. Three of those were, in part, half-finished from before I turned to rewriting the opening of the book. The last of these chapters should be finished in but a few hours time. It was a complete change from what I have spent so long working on and was refreshing to focus upon another of the main characters that I enjoy very much. I felt certain changes were necessary considering the additional material that has since been added from back when I first ‘put pen to paper’.

Now, I have to turn my attention to the editing of the already ‘completed’ chapters. There are a number of changes that need to me made, some small and some large. This will take some time but should prove somewhat easier than that which I have been doing for the past year. The final stage will then be to add a little more to the eventual conclusion.

While it still seems that there is much for me to do, I can see the progression and the ever-approaching end to my work. I hope that people will be happy with the way the story eventually turns out… perhaps more importantly… I hope that I am happy with what I end up with!

As of April 9th, 2007, I shall depart Korea for the shores of England as my month-long sojourn begins. It has been almost 6 years since I last returned to Britain. Then, I was happy to leave its bleak shores. For me, it was no longer the land of Albion but rather a poorly made copy of a cheap imitation. I venture back to the land of my birth with a measure of trepidation in my step. While I hope to get some editing done during my stay there I have allowed for the fact that a large portion will have to be done when I return to Korea in May. At which point my already weakened bank account shall be growling hungrily. A part-time job may very well become a necessity!

Of course, that troll-infested bridge shall be crossed when the time comes, for the meantime I shall enjoy playing at tourist in my native country! I must admit, it will be nice to see something a little more different that the Asian sights I have long grown accustomed to. It should also give me the opportunity to do a little research too. Without a doubt, I also look forward to soaking up the atmosphere in one of the pubs! Where I live these days they are all ‘bars’, something that just isn’t quite the same. So, I guess it won’t be all that bad after all. At least the company I shall share in will be first-class and that, of course, is the most important factor of all when on a journey of any kind… be it real or of the imagination!



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