Thiana Moonshadow

This portrait was drawn shortly before I drew Krithian’s. As before, the initial drawing is pencil upon card with the background ‘grime’ coming from a used white-board eraser being (purposefully) dragged across the surface after it was finished.

Copyright © Crispian Thurlborn 2006 - 2014

This character does not appear in the current work that I am doing either (as is true of most of those portraits that I post upon here at this time). She was a part of the gathering that accompanied Sir Duras in the years preceding the Great War and will therefore appear in that story when written. The character originated from the ideas of a Ms. K. Bletso who seemingly based Thiana upon her own personality creating a memorable character indeed. Again, events from years past now leave me with no choice but to eventually alter the character’s name for the same reasons as with Krithian.

I do possess another sketch of Thiana drawn in black and white by another hand other than my own. This version here, however, remains my favourite since it captures so very much of who Thiana is (and was). She is of a race akin to elves although the changes that I shall make at the time of writing will distinctly give her a more ‘Asiatic’ feel which will also be true of her name. I was once asked by someone who Thiana might resemble in both appearance and personality that was of common knowledge to them. It is a hard question to answer since everyone is different, however, my answer at that time was Lucy Liu based upon both her physique and on-screen demeanour. The latter will bring great amusement to those that know the ‘real’ Thiana.


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