The thousand page mark…

I spend less and less time attending to this blog it seems. In truth, it was only meant to serve as an occasional record of my own progress. While there are a few that do return now and then to see if anything new has been posted the traffic that I receive does not justify taking too much time out of my day to bother with it. It is a catch 22 in some ways I suppose, for to get more traffic you have to keep writing and updating regularly. Still, I am content to let the weeds overgrow the path leaving only a trace of what content there is to be found here.

I am two-thirds of the way through writing Chapter 15 at present although it has been a slow month. The knowledge that I am soon to finish my current contract at work in but a few weeks time makes it harder for me to be bothered. The tiredness that comes from doing a job that no longer holds my interest seeps into other aspects of my life and I find myself waiting impatiently for the end. As I close that chapter of my life I prepare for the start of another — a far more rewarding one I hope!

Chapter 15 is where I tie everything together. It is somewhat daunting but at least an end is get closer in sight. All in all, during the course of 2006 I ended up writing something like an additional fourteen chapters to the existing twenty-five that I had written previously. That leaves me around the one thousand page mark now. I still have perhaps three or four more chapters that I want to add to the story’s ending. When that is all taken care of (hopefully during March and April) I shall just need to hunt through the entire manuscript to find those errors and continuity errors that creep in when one is forced to write ‘as and when’ along with those frustrating ‘in between days’ to deal with too. I don’t know how long that should take but I am happy to look at the end of May as being the eventual finishing line.

What then?

I shall then take up my sword and shield and head off into parts unknown (which is probably somewhere in the UK) in search for the golden literary agent that will take up my noble cause and bring my book and its characters to the world. You have been warned!


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