March of the Pigs

A belated Happy New Year to anyone happening across this blog. Myself, I have never really seen the point in New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t hold any special meaning to me as do some of the other festivals that occur throughout the year. Perhaps it is because January 1st is not really the New Year. If you follow the lunar calendar then the New Year has still to arrive. The western idea of January 1st being the New Year is relatively new and perhaps it is this that leads me to discount the event as a relative non-entity. I did go out for a drink but it was without any great fanfare that I saw the clocks tick over to 2007. Perhaps with the lunar arrival of the Year of the Pig (Feb 18th) and its associated good fortune there will be more for me to celebrate.

Progress on my book slowed considerably with only about a page being written if even that! However, being embroiled in personal events that had been going on since before Christmas I decided to take a break from it all and just spend my time with other things to take my mind off of everything and return with a fresher outlook. Those of you that have ever read/seen an interview with Trent Reznor from NIN might well know of his ‘Doom/Quake addiction’ — the cause in part of delayed albums and song writing! For now, mine happens to be a ‘Gears of War’ addiction, although fortunately it does not overlap with my writing time. It does, however, provide me with a chance to step away from the notebook and get away from it all once in a while. Normally, I would turn to a book but I’m trying not to read anything of the genre I’m writing right now as I do not want to be unconsciously influenced by another author’s style or concepts and so this other outlet seems perfect right now.

I have since completed Chapter 13, just after the arrival of 2007, and I have almost finished with Chapter 14. I have made a few changes and look forward to getting this chapter finished before the end of January before starting to make a few changes to the chapters I have already written. As I mentioned in my last post, I am now looking to get the bulk of my writing done after the end of February when my current work contract ends. I’m thinking that by the end of April I might have it all tied away. That would be nice.

I have also been having some thoughts upon a character that I wrote some material for a few years back. I can’t really go into too much detail right now but I am thinking of maybe making that into a possible novel a later date. It’s a fantastic character that I think will appeal to a great many… for those that know me, a single word will suffice — Eclipse.

Happy New Year!


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