Progress on my novel has slowed considerably since last weekend and I have hardly touched it recent days. Unfortunately, work and other factors have diverted my attention elsewhere leaving me both tired and frustrated at this ‘stagnant’ period. In saying that, however, I am currently reworking Chapter 8 which sees the story begin to take on a different shape from the earlier chapters and sees the forging of ties amongst some of the central characters.

The completion of work on Chapter 7 was delayed due to the short story that I wrote last month (of which I fear only one person has taken the time to read so far…), as I had already mentioned in a previous post. I now find myself well behind schedule, perhaps by even as much as an entire month!

However, I have recently embarked upon the beginning of a seven-week vacation from work (obtained through some exemplary negotiating skills on my behalf) which will see me depart from Korean shores for the scorching summer fires of Spain! During this period, I will not be answering my email and therefore anyone downloading “The Chalice” will have to wait until I return before I can respond with the password to unlock it. Apologies in advance.

My vacation also means that the chances of getting any writing done is going to be slim indeed, yet I will endeavour to attempt something during the break. Fortunately, I will still have around two-weeks remaining to me when I eventually return to Korea thus allowing me to make up some lost ground. It is my intention during that time to make a grand assault on the workload before me and push on towards the completion of the editing process.

If I can manage to get the bulk of it done during that time then I will be well-set for the latter part of the year and (fingers crossed) may even have it all ready to go before the year is out! As always, I will keep you posted as to my progress, whether great or small. For now, my sangria awaits…

¡Hasta luego!


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