The Lager Of Lamot

This video is one that I have sought after for sometime. It is of the old Lamot Lager advert shown on British television back in the early 1980’s. This advert has stuck with me for a very long time and is (along with the Guinness Anticipation advert with the Guaglione soundtrack!) amongst my favourite for its imagery. When I first saw this I originally thought it to be the trailer to some new movie coming out, much in the same vein as the old “Lord of the Rings” animated movie. Around that time I had been watching the movies “A Flight of Dragons” and “Fire and Ice” both of which set me in the direction of the fantasy genre. I remember very clearly that I desperately wanted to know more about the knight and the great black jaguar that he rode. Where did he come from? Who sent him on his quest? Where did he get such a magnificent steed!? I therefore began to make up my own ideas to answer these unanswered questions.

Unfortunately, this advert is only one of the versions that was shown. I would love to have the other one where he leaps across a gorge while being pursued. If anyone out there has it lying around on an old VHS or Betamax tape then please digitize it and send to me! It would be greatly appreciated.

As regards the Lamot Lager itself I can only say that my search continues having never had the opportunity to try it. Perhaps one day…


3 thoughts on “The Lager Of Lamot

  1. Yeap brilliant this ad totally rocks – they should put it back on telly again – I found some lamot in the offy near me, and have started drinking it so this ad obviously works…


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