Krithian ‘Red’ (無秩序)

This portrait was drawn around the same time as the previous one, back in 1999 (as were all of the portraits that I did). Again, the initial drawing was done in pencil upon card. The background ‘grime’ comes from gently wiping a used white-board eraser across the surface (one that has previously been used to erase black marker) after my intial pencil strokes. Unfortunately, the original that have stored back in Spain has become somewhat faded over the years. I certainly class this as one of the best drawings I have ever created.

Copyright © Crispian Thurlborn 1999 - 2014

The character in question does not appear in the current work that I am doing. However, he does feature in one of my planned future works and was a companion to Sir Duras during the Great War that occured before ‘Throne of Ice’ takes place. The character idea came about during 1994-5 and was in part the brain-child of a Mr. J. Fox. Unfortunately, certain events that were to occur during the following years now leaves me with the task of having to alter the character’s name, not only to ensure that no future problems arise but also to fit the setting that I have altered since that time. At any rate, this is Krithian as I always envisioned him and as the character will be, whatever name he eventually takes as his own. (I have been thinking along the lines of 無秩序, which translates as Disorder or Chaos — the reasoning for the useage of Chinese characters will become apparent in time…)


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