The Birth of the Stonehammer

I have in mind the idea to make a few, miniature, clay versions of the Stonehammer that I will craft into a keychain (when I have the time anyway!). This is to commemorate the decade that has gone by since the birth of the legendary relic carried by Sir Duras Stonehammer, Knight of the Doom Watch. The hammer itself came about from a series of discussions between me and Mark G. Sullman in a canteen in Winchester, England, way back in 1995. However, it was really during the following year that the Stonehammer became such a prominent force in the story we were engaged in telling.

Anyway, when these rare items are finished I will post a photo of them on this blog (keep an eye out for Project: Stonehammer). If you would like one then get in touch and I will look into sending one out with a mini-photo of one of the character sketches I did from that time.


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