Nocturnal Threads

It seems that much of my writing is taking place during the late hours of the night (or the early hours of the morning if you so choose). Certainly, there has been a shift in my consciousness with the changing of seasons…

The reworking of the beginning of the story is taking some time to complete due to other events in my life. I had hoped to complete each additional chapter within a two-week period but that might run over by a week on some. This is both unfortunate and frustrating.

I am currently reworking Chapter 5 which has proven slower to work through than previous chapters. In this chapter events begin to move along at a quicker pace and lead into the beginning of the journey ahead. I have, however, wondered whether the build up I have been working on is enthralling enough? Some feel that the action should begin from the very start and continue in cycles. I have considered the possibility of adding a prelude to the first chapter whereby the reader is immersed in the story to come. If so, such a prelude will be a form of foreshadowing of what lies ahead.

The more I think of this idea the more it appeals. I’ll jot a few ideas down when I have time and then add it to my seemingly never-ending to-do list!


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