The Missive

Haven’t had much time or material to add to my blog of late. Finally finished up my beginning chapter(s) and I am extremely pleased with the result. Totaled at 28 pages (word doc) after editing through my work. Now I am busy typing up my notes for the follow-on chapter. Once I get them down then I can revert back to the present material which will certainly speed things up as I can write on the subway again (and test my patience with overly curious Korean commuters!).

The working title for the first chapter is currently ‘The End’ whereas the chapter(s) that I am presently working upon is known as ‘The Missive’. Basically, it involves the introduction of one of my main characters in the story: a scribe known as N***t. There is, of course, more to it than that but in this initial meeting with Duras I start to reveal some of the story’s threads.

I am excited with the progression of the story to date and feel happier than at any other time I can remember with regards to the project. It is all coming together at last although there still remains a great deal of work to be done – and in such a short space of time!

Pleasant dreams…


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