Smoke and Mirrors

Finally I got my notebook sorted out and have been busy reworking my written notes for the additional first chapters. The direction that the story has taken is very pleasing indeed and I am confident that the additional work will be well worth the time and effort. Basically, I have added a lot more depth to the main character of Duras, giving an insight into events preceding the actual storyline. Since I plan on writing about the Great War at a later date (depending upon the eventual success or failure of Throne of Ice) I found it necessary to include a little more detail about the dwarven knight.

I often wonder why it was that I chose to write this book first. It does indeed seem strange since much of what I know of the character came from those early years set during the Great War. However, I now feel that in some respects it helps serve the character (and that eventual story) better than if I had done things in a chronological order. In this way I am hoping that people will have a desire to learn more about the world that haunts my imagination and of the events or people that are often referred to by Duras.

Obviously, I am a little reluctant to go into great depth here concerning such matters. Call me paranoid if you so wish, but I have an acute fear of my ideas being stolen and used before I get the chance to do so. Should people wish to steal my work in the future when it is published then I would indeed be most flattered to be considered so popular! Until then, however, I will continue to remain a little elusive…


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