Welcome to ‘Wyldwood Books’!

Greetings! Here I will begin recording my progress on “Throne of Ice“, a novel that I have been working on and off for around 4-years now. I finished the storyline back in December of 2004 and have been editing for the past year whenever I have had the time (usually on the subway to and from work).

I hope in this blog to post a few pages from my story from time to time and offer some background on the story itself and the main characters within it. I will endeavour to post some photo’s from time to time of maps, character designs, and notes to show those of you out there that know me personally that I am actually getting there!

I will share the experiences, both good and bad, that I have during the writing process and hopefully be able to offer some insight to those people thinking of writing their own stories. These thoughts and ideas are purely my own (although they may well be shared) and are simply aspects of writing a novel that I have learnt from trial and error. I have never studied creative writing or had the opportunity to visit any writer workshops, therefore, what I have to say should be taken as it is; the wisdom of the blind…

I have much work to do for 2006 and my goal is to add the finishing touches to the story along with a few plot revisals (and associated chapters) before getting in touch with some literary agents. Hopefully, they will not be bored into a premature death (like some certain students during my paper on the Shimabara Rebellion of Tokugawa Japan!).

Pleasant reading…


Well, that was what I originally wrote back in early 2006.

Here and now in 2014 I find much has changed over the years (along with the name of this blog). It is no longer about the progress of “Throne of Ice” (more about that at a later date), but about the ongoing progress of new projects. For those of you that step upon these shores for the first time and have stumbled upon this post I offer welcome and for those weary travellers that have returned to these pages from lands strange and varied, I hope you will decide to rest and stay awhile.

Welcome… to Wyldwood Books!


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